5 Biggest MISTAKES People Make With New Year’s Weight Loss Resolutions

It’s that time of year again- the time when millions flock to the gym, go on a diet, or join a weight loss center; when everyone resolves to get healthier in the upcoming year.  According to research, however, less than 20% stick to their New Year’s resolutions, on average, and the biggest resolution failures are often fitness related.

Awareness of the following common mistakes can prevent frustration, disappointment, and ultimately failure when starting a new fitness program.

Here are the 5 Biggest MISTAKES People Make With New Year’s Weight Loss Resolutions……

1. Setting an unattainable goal.  We all want to jump directly to our ideal health and fitness level, but there are steps in between.  Avoid setting the same high standard resolutions that you continue to unsuccessfully achieve year after year.  This will only set you up for frustration, failure, and disappointment.

 2. Starting an Incomplete program.  To be successful, a program must be complete.  A complete program includes attention to nutrition, resistance training, and cardiovascular exercise – all leading to a “synergy” effect for maximum results.

3. No accountability.  Success achievers know that accountability is essential to move from intention to results.  Without support and regular “check-up from the neck up,” life’s distractions quickly take many off course.  Use accountability to stay on track with goals to avoid plateaus or backsliding.

4. No professional guidance.  Many begin a fitness program without defined goals or a plan to achieve them.  To achieve significant, long term results, the guidance of an expert puts one on the right track.

5. Push too hard, too soon.  We all come into January raring to go, full of energy and enthusiasm for our new goals and new year, but in reality our body needs to be given time to adjust to a new exercise program.  When starting a new program we need to avoid pushing too hard in the beginning, which can causes soreness, stiffness, even pulled or torn muscles.

Knowing common mistakes and pitfalls before hand can prevent frustration, injury, and loss of motivation. Taking steps to prevent them from occurring will guarantee a happier and more successful fitness program for a new you this year so you can avoid the 5 Biggest MISTAKES People Make With New Year’s Weight Loss Resolutions.