One thing I hear a lot of people say is that they feel tired all the time and just don’t have enough energy. This can be due to many lifestyle factors including poor nutrition, lack of exercise, too much exercise/ work, lack of sleep or too much computer/TV time just to name a few.

Now More Energy = More Life, so what if there were some simple things you can start doing today to help you to feel more energetic, would that excite you?

Great news is that there are hundreds of ways, but here are 7 of the best…..

  1. Increase Highly Alkaline Foods- these foods help to cleanse and unclog your body, leading to higher energy and vitality. In short, GO GREEN BABY! Best examples are: Spinach, Broccoli, Kale, Green Juices, Kelp, Sprouts and Cucumber
  2. Drink Alkaline Water- this will have the same effect as the Alkaline foods. The more pure your water, the better. Best drunk at room temperature between your meals to aid in digestion as well
  3. Minimise Highly Acidic Foods- these foods have the opposite effect to the alkaline foods. They tend to clog your body up leaving you feeling tired and lethargic. Minimise or eliminate the really acidic foods such as: sugar, red meat, eggs, processed foods (especially carbs), alcohol, seafood, chicken, eggs and dairy.
  4. Get More Quality Sleep- even if your diet isn’t great, a good night sleep can counteract any feelings of tiredness. At the first sign of tiredness, head straight to bed. You should wake feeling refreshed to face your day
  5. Exercise in the morning- this way you can enjoy the happy feelings exercise brings all day. Exercise at night can badly effect sleeping patterns as well
  6. Take a Quality Multi-Vitamin- with food not being as good quality as it was 100 years ago, your body needs a vitamin/mineral boost to reach optimal levels. Taking a quality, potent multi-vitamin supplement can help increase your energy, vitality and overall health quickly. But not all supplements are made equal.
  7. Feed Your Body Every 2-4 hours- food is fuel for your body, so it makes sense to feed it regularly throughout your day. Every time you eat, it boosts your metabolism so eating 5-6 times per day can really ramp up your energy. Trick here is to be never hungry or full though because in both instants, you’ll be gaining body fat

Bottom line is, always be looking for more natural ways you can increase your energy because the more energy you have, the easier and better your life becomes.