“I’ve never been an exercise person, have been lucky enough to be natural small (thanks parents!) but at age 34, things aren’t what they used to be!  It’s actually not such a good thing as I was a slim/fat person, very unfit and my poor insides were unexercised and neglected.

Exercise is vital no matter what size or age you are.  I’d often thought ‘if I was to be chased by someone, I’d just give up because I’m puffed just thinking about it!’ I went to another boot camp at the start of the year which was terribly dis-organised, the class time changed at the last minute or totally cancelled and the vibe just wasn’t there.  I then came to Chris’s booty camp – the difference was amazing … fun classes, great girls, a wonderful setting and Chris is cool too! I found myself looking forward to every class and then started noticing a different in my body and energy – happiness!

With the helpful information that Chris gives us every week on food and exercise, the easy of the classes and the wonderful vibe that booty camp is – I am addicted to going 3 times a week and this commitment has paid off. I’ve lost the couple of kgs I wanted to, I’m toned, fit and happy! It’s not always about weight loss, it’s about the energy I have now that I’m fitter, it’s about feeling great in clothes that weren’t fitting well before, it’s about the positive attitude I have with everything in life.

Exercise is now a part of my life and it will continue to be.  It will never take a back seat, it will be beside me thru my life as without it, I am half the person I am now. Two things that motive me when I can’t be bothered working out  is thinking these two things:   1) you have to use energy to get energy.  2) just think of how great you will feel afterwards.

Working out is always a positive thing – so just do it! We have one shot at this wonderful thing called life – grab it with both hands and live the hell out of it! Massive thanks to Chris – your help, support and encouragement has changed my thinking and my life. It is much richer now after coming to your Booty Camp 🙂 Thank you!

Claire Bailey, 34, Student, Seven Hills