So sadly last Saturday was my final warm up at New Farm Parkrun after 5 years. Due to a tightening of Parkrun’s global policy of only providing a free timed 5km run, the warm up is now no more.​ I’m not sure exactly, but I’m guessing I’ve performs 200+ warm up over the past 5 years with the help of Tom James, Kiarne Pham and Melissa Watson when I’ve been away or injured.

I started off just copied the previous trainers routine​ but it grew into a key part of the Saturday morning ritual they call Parkrun. As someone said on Facebook the other day, “how can we run without seeing a man jumping on a trampoline, it’s a thing”.

First warm up November 2012

I’ve certainly tried to improve it over the journey. Firstly, I decided that it contained a few too many static stretches so I added some shuffles and everyone’s favourite, star jumps! From there, I introduced music, then a louder speaker, blow up fingers, Merv Hughes inspired arm exercises and Robbie Williams style jumping with your hands in the air.

One of my favourites

We even added themed dress up days and music depending on which rock star had passed away that week. The best response we had was at this years 6th birthday celebrations where I cracked out my Darth Veda suit. Many people got a laugh that day which was exactly what I was aiming for.

6th Birthday Superhero dress up

However, one of the most unique additions I came up with was the mini trampoline. I’m not sure where this idea came from. Perhaps it was from Tony Robbins, who begins his day on his giant tramp at home.

It certainly made it easier to jump high now I’m no longer 21. Now that it is no more, I must remind myself that at least I can go try some new Parkrun’s or get away for the weekend.

I must say the response to the warm up ending has been incredible, one of overwhelming gratitude but also of disappointment and disbelief. Most people can’t understand why something so beneficial and enjoyable should stop. Unfortunately we must accept the umpires decision.

A massive thank you goes out to the Parkrun directors, anyone who has participated over the past years and all the well wishes from the past few days.

I really loved doing it every week and it was a great way to help a lot of people. Now I must focus on new ways I can help lots people as possible like yourself achieve their health and fitness goals.

Chris Tuck