Congratulations are in order for our UK Boot Camper Awesome Andy on being named our March Star of the Month! This is his second fly-by visit to us and he’s a lot fitter this time around. Having lost 10kgs back in 2015, Awesome Andy has maintained his weight through Boot Camp where ever he is in the world, be it Brisbane, South Africa or back home in London.


He’s also managed to improve his fitness tests with us, recording the 2nd best Soccer Oval Lap 1.25m as well as beating his Squat hold and Plank times by over 2 minutes. We’ll look forward to seeing Andy his return to OZ after Easter!

This is what Awesome Andy has to say:

I always sign up to a bootcamp with Chris when I’m in Brisbane. Business travel can kill fitness and Chris’s classes are fun, informal and effective … and such entertainment too!