Before I started I just wanted to get toned, fit and eat better. I was afraid of having to take supplement and of losing weight as well as that I wouldn’t keep it up.

Chris is pretty awesome and always listens. He so adaptable and explained how it all works. I also love the emails newsletters for food tips and ideas.

After 3 months, I’m making better food choices and I have more of an awareness of what I should be eating. I also bench pressed for the first time ever!!!

I’m looking forward to Chris teaching how to run for beginners so I can improve my fitness. I’m stronger, I’ve kept it up and can now plank for 6 minutes after starting at 1:30min and can Squat Hold for 4.14min from 1.09min in the beginning. It’s so enjoyable going to PT even if Chris tries to kill us sometimes (for our own benefit). Chris knows what he is doing. I always trust his judgement and ideas.

Your butt will be super sore from squats but that’s a better alternative. Chris is so friendly, encouraging and genuinely cares about his clients. He love getting them the best results. Classes are very flexible too so you can fit around your schedule and he will adjust everything to suit your stage of progress.