“Once I turned 50 I decided I needed a change. I hadn’t exercised for 20 years and was still smoking. So I signed on to be Chris’ first client and have been training one on one twice a week for the past 11 years for a total of over 1200 sessions. As a result, I’m pretty strong for my age, have quit smoking long ago and am a lot fitter nowadays. After a recent trip to Antarctica I was able to do everything active I wanted to do whilst others my age had to miss out.

I’m so much more active that I was, exercising most days of the week, adding bike riding, Pilates and deep water running. Chris has kept me moving and has always pushed me to another level. The workouts have also been a big stress reliever from my full on job.

He has always added plenty of variety to the classes and I’ve always felt I can do the workouts he has set up for me. I’ve feed off his enthusiasm and he has shown plenty of faith in me. He has never made me uncomfortable in myself. I enjoy it when he challenges me to try new exercises and to keep me moving each week despite my busy work schedule.

My advice is to give it a go…….it’s worth it!”

Jovial Jenny, 61, New Farm