Cold enough for ya?

Winter is officially here! This is often when people get a head start on the summer body by implementing a training program now.

But there’s one thing I want to make sure I share with you before you go out there and start working up a sweat. It could end up saving your life (literally).

We all know that it’s important to stay hydrated when we’re working out.

This is critical, especially if you’re working in a high intensity exercise. But here’s what you probably didn’t know…

Drinking too much water can also be bad for you, even deadly!

Let me explain…

For years we’ve been told that dehydration kills. And they’re right. If you don’t drink enough water while you’re outside working up a sweat, you may end up in the emergency room.

But it’s also a mistake to drink too much water. In fact, it can be more common to drink too much water, since most of us are thinking it will protect us from dehydration. Unfortunately, drinking too much water can lead to a condition called hyponatremia which means that your sodium (salt) levels are too low.

That’s because you get exposed to a double whammy — you lose sodium through the sweat you’re working up… and all the water you’re drinking dilutes the sodium in your bloodstream.

Common symptoms of low sodium levels include a foggy head, nausea/vomiting, lightheadedness, dizziness, seizures, and in severe cases fainting or death.

So how much water SHOULD you be drinking?

Well, you’ve got to strike a balance. You want to get enough water so your body won’t get dehydrated, but not so much that you’ll dilute your sodium levels.

The magic number to shoot for (according to experts) is no more than 240 mls every 20 minutes. That’s 720 mls or 3 glasses every hour.

Also, a good indicator of whether or not you’re properly hydrated lies in your urine. If it’s too yellow, you’re most likely dehydrated. It should be close to clear when your body has enough water.

So go out there. Have fun. Work up a good sweat. But just make sure to drink enough water to keep your body healthy and happy!