Why people fail with exercise programs? This is a interesting question. As I look back on our successful clients over the past 8 plus years and the ones that failed, I found 7 consistent reasons why those clients weren’t successful (I take full responsibility). I am sharing these reasons with you so you can avoid them and achieve your goals.


1. They didn’t have goals.

Another reason why people fail with exercise programs is they don’t define their goals. A majority of people come to us wanting a result, but they don’t have a clear picture of what it is. Because the end result isn’t defined they just go through the motions until they “feel” like they’ve done enough. It’s like leaving the house for a trip without a destination in mind.


Solution: Set a goal or series of goals! Goal: I want to be ( insert goal weight here) . Series of goals: I will be 70kgs by May 15th, I will be 65kgs by June 30th, etc. Be realistic, but dream big. You can achieve your goal, just be willing to put in the work.


2. They didn’t have a plan.

A majority of people fail to achieve anything at the gym because they failed to plan! For the rare few who come in with a defined goal they didn’t achieve it because they don’t have a plan to stay on course.


Solution: Develop a plan! Once you have a goal in mind, figure out what it’s going to take to achieve it. How many days a week can you consistently workout? How much time do you have to work-out? If you don’t know where to start schedule your free consultation with one of our certified trainers.


3. They didn’t know how to perform weights exercises properly.

85% of people don’t know how to exercise properly so they get overwhelmed and only use what they know how to use, or they watch someone else and try to copy what they did.


Solution: Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  As part of your membership you are entitled to a free equipment orientation. Call and schedule it now if we didn’t schedule one at enrollment. It will be 30 minutes well spent.


4. They underestimate their conditioning level.

Most people know they are out of shape (which is why they joined our program), but they underestimate how out of shape they are so they push hard on the first visit. That usually results in waking up sore the next morning and because they are sore after the initial work-out they don’t push as hard from that point on.


Solution: Push through it, you didn’t get out of shape overnight and you won’t get in shape overnight. There is a difference between being sore (discomfort) and being injured (pain). Pain is your body telling you something is wrong. Discomfort is your body being uncomfortable with the new changes you are making. Ease into your routine, listen to your body and know that being sore is part of the process.


5. They don’t see instant results and give up.

Every 20 minutes there’s an infomercial on how to lose weight while sitting on your couch. Every 5 minutes there is a commercial pushing the re-formulated / more advanced weight loss pill. They all promise that you can lose 20 kgs in 10 days.


Solution: If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you have to change what you do daily, you must develop new habits. Diets are unrealistic. A realistic and medically safe weight loss goal is to lose 0.5kg-1kgs per week.


6. They get bored.

While it’s not cited on any paperwork, boredom is one of the top reasons people stop exercising. The mundane routine of walking on a treadmill, curling dumbbells, or doing Zumba 5 days a week gets old.


Solution: It’s important to have variety in your physical activities; not just for the benefit of your weight loss program, but also for your mental health. We recommend our clients change their workout routine every 30-40 days. Select activities you enjoy, remember anything that keeps you moving is a step in the right direction.


7. Lack of discipline.

Because we are creatures of habit, most people lack the discipline to work-out regularly. When they’ve had a long day at the office or they aren’t in the mood they won’t show up to the gym.


Solution: Pick a realistic work-out schedule from the beginning, and reward yourself for sticking to it. Consistency is the key. I recommend you select 2 – 3 days a week that you can consistently workout each week to develop the habit.

So there you have it, why people fail with exercise programs and what you can do to make sure you’re not one of them.