Now that 2010 is over it’s a time for reflection and renewing your commitment to all your goals, fitness and otherwise.

That’s why today I’d like to talk about something that’s rarely talked about.

But it’s crucial to achieving your fitness goals in 2011.

In fact, EVERY person who has achieved their ideal body with us uses this secret day in and day out to make it happen.

Honestly, you can have the perfect diet. You can do all the exercises. But unless you have this one thing, chances are you won’t attain the body you truly want in the New Year.

What is it?

It’s the secret of mindset and our trainers know this only too well.

Now before you think to yourself, “oh I’ve heard this already”, hear me out.

Rarely anyone talks about the mental aspect of achieving your ideal body. Yet it’s the MOST critical component.

Because without the right mindset, chances are you won’t accomplish your body transformation goals.

In fact, a slew of new research is PROVING how important your mindset is to your health and fitness.

Brisbane Personal Trainers found a study by Harvard University researchers conducted a study involving over 80 hotel room cleaning attendants.

These folks were from seven different hotels. The attendants were split into two groups.

The first group was told how beneficial to their health their line of work was. After all, many of them cleaned at least 15 rooms per day.

This first group was also informed of how many calories they burned each day. Plus, they were given a handout to look at on a daily basis that showed them how many calories each activity they did burned (i.e. vacumming, scrubbing, changing sheets, etc).

The second group was not informed of how many calories their work burned. Also, they were not told that their line of work was in fact very good exercise for their body.

Researchers made sure that the lifestyles of these cleaning attendants stayed the same. Meaning, that they didn’t start changing their exercise or eating habits at home. Also, hotel managers made sure that the attendants all had the same workload.

The result?

The cleaning attendants in the first group (those that were told how many calories they burned, etc) lost a significant amount of weight. In addition to the weight loss, they also lowered their blood pressure, and decreased their body mass index (BMI).

The second group (the ones that weren’t told about the health benefits of their job) showed ZERO improvement.

Weird, huh!?

It just goes to show how important your mindset is.

Our Brisbane Personal Trainers discovered another study published in the “Journal of Physiology” decided to test out this mind-body connection theory.

They got two groups of people.

One group was given what they were told was an “energy drink.” They were also told that this energy drink WOULD in fact improve their strength and performance while working out.

The second group was given an identical energy drink. However, they were NOT told about the drink’s strength and performance benefits.

The result?

Those in the first group actually DID improve their strength and performance.

The second group however, showed no improvement.

The connection is clear. In order to achieve your best body, you’ve got to have the right mindset. All our trainers would agree with this.

Otherwise, you’ll be heading upstream, without a paddle.

So how do you get this mindset?

The easiest way is to do visualisation.

Imagine every day that you have achieved your ideal body. Get into the feeling of it. Clearly see how good you look.

Look at your definition. Feel how energetic you would feel. You can achieve this with our Brisbane Personal Trainers.

Do this everyday, a few times per day as suggested by our trainers .

And as you eat clean and train hard, imagine that everything you’re doing, day-by-day, is getting you one step closer to your dream physique.

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Once you’ve got your mindset down, you’ll also need a good nutrition and exercise program.