1.  Go for a hike. You can burn a whopping 500 calories an hour by going out hiking. There are beautiful parks with trails for both beginners and advanced hikers. Plus, the scenery is usually breathtaking.

2.  Make it to the pool. Swimming is great exercise that doesn’t hurt your joints. Depending on how intensely you swim (or play!) you can burn anywhere from 300-700 calories an hour. Plus, you’ll be working on your tan at the same time!

3. Play volleyball. This fun beach game can have you burning up to 300 calories an hour. Grab some friends and play! Make sure to stay properly hydrated (250mls of water every 20 minutes).

4. Grab a racquet. Tennis is an excellent winter sport that’s fun and challenging If you’re playing singles, you can easily burn anywhere from 300-500 calories an hour. Not shabby for having some summer fun