How will you avoid putting on fat this festive season?

The average weight gain over the xmas/ new year period is 3 kgs but not everyone will put on weight.

Here are 5 tips to maintain your weight this year….

1. Set Goals

Write down exactly what you want be by January 1st. Remember, you always get what you focus on and think of most. Then visualise your goal day and night.

2.  Plan

Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. Put a cap on how many drinks you want to have at each sitting and if you’re heading out on New Years Eve have a time in mind you would like to head home.

3. Watch what you eat

What you put in your mouth has the biggest effect on your health and fitness and those scales. Stay aware of what you’re eating and if you feel full, STOP! You should never be hungry or full because in both instances, you’ll be storing some level of body fat.

Just be satisfied.

4. Perform at least 30 Minutes of Exercise, 3 times per week

The more you move, the more you can balance out all that extra calorie intake and get your body pumping it through your system. First thing in the morning’s is best for a brisk walk as you’ll burn twice as much fat as if you performed it in the afternoon. Be sure to have some carbs before and after to protect your muscle and boost your energy levels.

5. Get Accountability

Having someone else to answer to can really help you stay motivated to minimise the threat of a blow out. Whether it’s a friend, family member or coach, everyone who is successful at anything has this.

Merry Xmas and a Sensational New Year!


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