Today I’m going show you what you can do to accelerate your healing from injury and get you back the game! One thing I see a lot of people suffer from is chronic pain and inflammation from injury. Whether it’s their shoulders, back, neck, knees or lower legs, most people have some complaint.

This can have a real negative effect on their health by preventing exercise volume, intensity, type and regularity.

Did you know, what you put in your mouth can affect the severity of your injury and pain?

Things that promote inflammation are omega 6 fats, sugar, alcohol, drugs, processed foods, nuts, seeds, meat, dairy, wheat as well as certain drugs and supplements. That’s a lot of different things right? However, some of these do benefit your health in other ways.

So what do you do? Apart from reducing the foods that promote inflammation, begin by building the habit of taking a quality omega 3 fish oil daily. I’d say, it would have to be in my top 3 supplements I recommend along with a Multi mineral/ antioxidant and Natural Protein Shake.

Here’s a list of some of the many benefits…

  • important for optimal health and wellness
  • help support normal, healthy heart function, brain, eye, nerve and myelin function
  • helps maintain good joint health
  • help to balance omega 6/ omega 3 ratio. (Ideally this should be no more than 4:1 however most people in western culture are 16:1, ouch! )
  • promotes fast recovery from injury

A lot of those benefits are long term but it’s the last one that you’ll begin to enjoy results quickly, within 1-4 weeks. But I must stress to you, that not all supplements are made equal. What you find in the chemist or supermarket won’t assist you as well as a quality product. And that’s why we recommend the Omega 3 fish oil. This is the best one I’ve found in all my time in the fitness industry, over 7 years. Studies have shown their products to be 2-3 times more potent and effective than the next products.