🏆👏🏻I couldn’t be more proud of our Memorable Marc! He is proof that consistency pays off … we’ve been working together 12 months, and he has hit so many milestones along the way! Congrats, Memorable Marc on being runner up in our 2020 6 Week Supreme Challenge, losing 13kg and 6% body fat!
Marc hit all 3 of his challenge goals, his goal weight, to run 30km and do a 5km in less than 25mins! In fact, he ran it in 23.48min! He also scored a 1.25min Lap of Death, 3.09min Plank, 19.27min Half Murph, 2.05min Squat Hold, 50 Pushups & 202 Bicycles in a Minute! His wife Active Ann says he is in the best shape of his life!
He receives a runners up t-shirt and a one hour assessment from our friend Dan Johnson at Motion Mechanics in Newstead!
Congrats Memorable Marc on all your amazing results and thank you for all your enthusiasm you bring to every class!